The Mort & Co Private Client division has been established to work specifically with graziers and other interested parties to assist with the supply and management of feeder cattle and the subsequent marketing of lot fed cattle under retained ownership.

Our Private Client staff work closely with all facets of the Mort & Co business to provide the best opportunities for suppliers of retained ownership feeder cattle to enjoy the benefits of the Mort & Co feedlot management system in the various strategically located feedlots and premium markets that Mort & Co has established ongoing alliances with.

A key benefit of the Private Client retained ownership system is the ability for Mort & Co to finance the associated lot feeding costs for the entire feeding period, with the owner receiving the net proceeds directly after the sale proceeds have been received.

By retaining ownership of feeder cattle and finishing them through lot feeding with Mort & Co, you are able to increase your returns by adding value to your store cattle.

Mort & Co is Australia's most experienced and professional manager of lot fed cattle and manages and markets in excess of 150,000 head of cattle per annum. Given this volume, Mort & Co is in constant contact with major processors which ideally positions the company to market prime cattle effectively and maximise returns to cattle owners.

As a Private Client, Mort & Co offers you the opportunity to feed your cattle at one of Mort & Co's National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme (NFAS) accredited feedlots. Mort & Co's feedlots adhere to best practice industry standards and are constantly refining their operations and practices to ensure your cattle will achieve the best possible lot feeding performance and profit returns.

Benefits of becoming a Private Client:

  • Maximise advantages of a superior breeding & / or backgrounding program.
  • Increase business turnover and profitability.
  • Increase kilograms of beef marketed per cow unit.
  • Develop a more consistent and reliable market.
  • Increase scale of business without additional capital expenditure on new property.
  • Increase carcass and feedlot performance feedback to assist planning & management of an improved breeding & / or backgrounding strategy.


What Mort & Co offers:

  • Australia's most experienced marketing and management team.
  • Improved returns through Mort & Co marketing your cattle in conjunction with large numbers of other cattle from various owners to obtain an optimum price (leverage in numbers) from multiple market alliances and ongoing forward contracts (leverage in market options).
  • Full finance facilities to cover all lot feeding costs until sale proceeds are received.
  • Experienced field team that regularly inspect the cattle and sort them to allow for optimum marketing that maximises return through minimising down grades.
  • The option of sharing risk with Mort & Co via a profit share arrangement if a percentage of cattle on feed are purchased (on application).
  • Advancement of capital against the value of your feeder cattle at commencement of feeding to assist with cash flow (on application).
  • Guaranteed forward price for cattle on completion of lot feeding program (subject to availability).
  • The opportunity for Mort & Co through its extensive network of cattle buyers & market contacts to assist with sourcing backgrounding or feeder cattle to compliment the supply of cattle for your retained ownership program.
  • Regular monitoring, feedback and fortnightly reporting.
  • Comparative benchmark lot feeding performance.


How you can improve the performance of your cattle through a lot feeding program:

  • The management and care taken with cattle prior to feedlot entry or sale has a significant impact on future performance. Cattle generally suffer from stress at the commencement of a lot feeding regime which may be caused by a range of issues. To minimise the effects that this stress has on the profitability of a lot feeding program, you are advised to run the mob of cattle that you are going to feed together for a minimum of two weeks prior to trucking. If this pre-entry activity is undertaken, it is likely to lead to an improved feedlot performance.
  • We also recommended that during pre-entry activity, cattle should be offered either a high quality liquid feed suppliment (eg Anipro) or high quality hay. This will again lead to an improved feedlot performance as the cattle are more likely to take to bunk feeding quicker, which should translate to improved weight gains as a result of increased ration consumption.
  • As you introduce lot feeding as a longer-term strategy, we suggest that all cattle should be yard weaned. This will also improve lot feeding performance as cattle will be more likely to take to feedlot rations over a shorter period and hence have faster weight gains.



1 Mort & Co investigates forward price options, feedlot space and ration price and offers graziers the opportunity to retain ownership through the lot feeding stage. Mort & Co advises the ideal cattle entry weights and types for feeding to meet various target markets and provides budgets.
2 Grazier agrees to lot feed their cattle with Mort & Co, completes necessary forms and sends cattle to feedlot. Cattle Management Agreement and associated forms.
3 Cattle are inducted and commence feeding. Induction report.
4 Regular monitoring of cattle by Mort & Co livestock coordinators. Fortnightly reporting to grazier on ration consumption, sickness and expenses as generated through the company designed reporting system.
5 Mort & Co supervises cattle market conditions to stay abreast with the market.  
6 As the cattle approach targeted feeding period they are inspected to ascertain ideal marketing options (if the cattle have not been forward sold).  
7 Mort & Co negotiates sale of cattle and presents the grazier with alternative sale options (if desired).  
8 Cattle delivered to the processor.  
9 Net proceeds are advanced to grazier. Feedlot and carcass performance is provided to grazier as are recommendations for future cattle supply & feeding.


Contact the Private Client Manager

If you would like further information regarding Mort & Co Private Client lot feeding services, please contact our Private Client Manager on 07 4639 6049 or submit your enquiry on the form below.