Mort & Co's feedlots consume over 200,000 tonnes of grain and other feed commodities per year. The business purchases feed commodities direct from the grower as well as through trading and brokerage channels. Feedlot diets are adjusted regularly to reflect changes in seasons, markets and cattle nutrition requirements. Depending on the diets in use at the time Mort & Co regularly purchase the following feed commodities at the specification listed below:

  • Wheat - minimum SFW1 specification
  • Barley - minimum FB1 specification
  • Sorghum – minimum Sorg 1 specification
  • Corn – minimum Feed 1 Maize specification
  • White Cotton Seed
  • Lucerne Hay
  • Cereal Straw – wheat and barley straw

Mort & Co aims to purchase its feed commodities from local producers where possible. Feed commodity business is normally transacted over the feedlot's registered weighbridges. Payment terms are 30 days end of week of delivery.


Freight to the Feedlot

If accessing suitable freight is a problem Mort & Co can arrange for your commodity to be transported from the source to the feedlot by its associate freight business, Farmhaul Transport.


Contact the Commodity Purchasing Manager

Please allow us the opportunity to quote on your feed commodities, we pride ourselves on offering a professional purchasing and delivery point for your valuable products. For further information and detail of our current purchasing activities please contact our Commodity Purchasing Manager, Kieran Taylor on 07 4639 6049 or


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