Cattle Buying

A large proportion of the cattle Mort & Co manages through its feedlots are purchased direct from the producer. Direct relationships between the producer and Mort & Co can provide significant advantages to both parties such as:

  • Performance cost (weight loss) of loading and unloading cattle through the saleyard system;
  • Opportunities to quote “off the scales” minimising shrink for long distance cattle;
  • Improved cattle health due to not mixing with other cattle at the saleyard;
  • Opening communication for ongoing trading and useful feedback to the producer;
  • Due to Mort & Co’s expansive preconditioning facility, we can accommodate large volumes of varying weight ranges and sexes which in turn alleviates producers concern of staggered feedlot entry;
  • Dedicated expert buyers strategically situated throughout Qld and Nth NSW.


Mort & Co are currently looking to increase it's footprint in the Wagyu, Wagyu/Angus X and Angus (EU and Non EU) markets. If you have feeder steers for sale please make note of below contact


Cattle Pricing Grids 

Mort & Co provides a feeder cattle pricing grid which is regularly updated based on market conditions. With the assistance of the comprehensive information management tools, Mort & Co's experienced livestock staff assess cattle which are purchased to ensure cattle are purchased on their own merits which often results in Mort & Co paying a premium for cattle which outperform others in the same market.


Cattle Transport to the Feedlot

If you do not use a preferred livestock transport company, Mort & Co can arrange for your cattle to be transported from your property to the feedlot by its associate, Farmhaul Transport.


Contact the Livestock Manager

If you would like Mort & Co's current cattle pricing grid or further information regarding Mort & Co purchasing your cattle, please contact Brett Campbell, Livestock Manager 0455 061498 or
Jack Wilkinson, Livestock Buyer 0427 377769 or


Or submit your enquiry on the form below.