In 2011 Mort & Co began exploring the viability of contract processing grainfed cattle and marketing the beef directly into the emerging international markets of Asia. Progress was made and relationships built with Australian beef processors and overseas importers. In late 2011 the first trials of Mort & Co processed beef were exported to China. Customer relations and production processes were firmed with full container orders of Mort & Co branded bone-in beef product commencing in late 2012.

Fast forward to November 2015, Mort & Co has officially launched The Phoenix Beef Range – the new breed of Australian beef cuisine. The Phoenix is the Mort family crest of French origins and dates back to the 15th century. It is well recognised in many cultures, symbolising resilience, longevity and constant renewal. “The Phoenix” epitomises the new era of Mort & Co.

The Phoenix Beef Range comprises two brands tailored to satisfy a wide range of international and domestic customers tastes and preferences. Livestock are selected on feeding and breed specifications to provide a range of eating experiences to satisfy the most discerning palate.

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