Mort & Co has joined with a number of key business partners and acknowledges the value and contribution of these business relationships to Mort & Co's success.


In 2003, Mort & Co partnered with Mr Peter Gilbert  and obtained a 50% ownership in the freight company, Gilberts Transport (Qld) Pty Ltd ('Gilberts Transport') to meet its cattle transport requirements. 

In March 2014 Mort & Co expanded the operation by combining Gilberts Transport with another transport business, Farmhaul.  Mort & Co has retained a 50% ownership in the now expanded Farmhaul operation which operates between 20 and 25 prime movers for the transport of cattle, feed supplements and commodities.

Sundown Pastoral Company

Mort & Co formed a joint venture with Sundown Pastoral Company Pty Ltd ('Sundown') in 2012 for the operation of the Gunnee Feedlot near Delungra, New South Wales.  Sundown is a successful family business which owns multiple properties throughout Northern NSW, Australia. Sundown is focused on the production of high quality beef cattle for both the domestic & export prime beef markets. The company's other agricultural pursuits include high quality irrigated cotton production as well as wheat, sorghum, lucerne hay and other forage crops.