Mort & Co has taken control of the feeding and welfare of its cattle through its subsidiary, Mort & Co Lot Feeders Pty Ltd operating a number of strategically located feedlots which allows for consistent cattle turnover, superior cattle performance and reduced overhead costs. Mort & Co also engages other select external feedlots to supplement its cattle turnover requirements.

Mort & Co's feedlot properties also contain broad acre farming country which is utilised to dispose feedlot manure and effluent and provide fodder for the feedlots or other commercial cropping programs.


Located near Dalby, a locality within the Darling Downs region of Southern Queensland, Grassdale Station comprises 5,615 hectares of which 2,600 hectares are cultivated. Grassdale Feedlot was opened in 2007 and today has a developed capacity of 52,390 standard cattle unit, with a licence to hold 70,000 standard cattle unit. Grassdale Feedlot is currently the only large scale feedlot to be built in Australia in the last decade and utilises state of the art feed milling and cattle handling facilities.


Pinegrove is a 1,963 hectare property located near Millmerran within the Darling Downs region of Southern Queensland. The property houses a 9,700 standard cattle unit feedlot capacity (total license 21,100 standard cattle unit) and approximately 700 hectares dry land and irrigated cropping country.


Gunnee Station is a 1,607 hectare property located near Inverell in northern New South Wales. The property has been developed and sown down to high performance Lucerne and Fescue pastures supporting an extensive feedlot backgrounding program.  Gunnee Feedlot has a current capacity of 10,000 cattle and is operated by a joint venture between Mort & Co Ltd and Sundown Pastoral Company Pty Ltd.